Greetings to my blog.  I hope you find something interesting. You can expect to find a variety of things on this blog.

What You’ll Find Here…

You’ll be seeing postings about and links to publicly available information related to my regular work. I am a computer scientist and I am currently working as a Java developer in Seattle, WA.  This blog will allow me to collect in one place public information I need to do my work that is usually pretty hard to come by.  I tend to exclude stuff that is readily found with a Google search, because, well …. it’s easy to find.  I hope you find the collection of tidbits and information useful.

I will also be posting things related to the arts, sports, and other activities that require you to get your hands dirty or walk away with battle scars once in a while.

What, You might ask. A computer scientist interested in living a life of danger and physical exertion?  Not to mention artsy drivel?

Yes, really.  It can happen …

Links to publications, papers, and articles I am personally involved in creating will also appear here.

Other content of general interest may appear from time to time if I have some constructive smartassery to add.


And now it's your turn ... comment here or on Twitter (@Androider)

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