Sharing Blackberry signing keys across JDE versions.

You have multiple versions of JDEs installed.  You need to sign applciations from all of them.  What the tech docs don’t make clear is this:

When you register your developer keys, the version of SigningTool (SignatureTool.jar) that is used is the latest version.

This means that…

You can’t just copy your key files to the bin directory of the other JDE installations.  You have to copy the key files and the SignatureTool.jar file to the other directories.

So, to sign from all versions of JDE, copy the following files to all the bin directories of the JDE . This is usually the directory C:\Program Files\Research in Motion\Blackberry JDE x.x.x\bin :


It’s great to know that the signature tool program in the file SignatureTool.jar works across all versions of the JDE.   Here’s the response from RIM tech support guy, James, that explains this:

Hello Richard,

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Application Development Support.

In response to your most recent email regarding signing your application within multiple versions of the JDE, I would be happy to assist you with this issue.

Your situation is very common as many developers use multiple versions of the JDE to develop their applications, and would also like to sign their applications throughout the JDEs. The signature keys are always registered to the most recently installed version of the JDE, and are only registered to the single version. Similarly, you are only able to register the keys once for security and privacy concerns. However, I will provide you with a simple workaround that will allow you to sign  your COD files in multiple versions of JDE.

If you could please navigate to your \bin folder of the version of the JDE that you can sign in (default: C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.5\bin) and COPY the following four (4) files:
– sigtool.db
– sigtool.csk
– SignatureTool.jar

If you could than navigate to the \bin folder of the version of the JDE that you wish to have signing in, but currently do not, and PASTE the files there (default: C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.2\bin), you should be able to copy your signing privileges over. This process can be carried out for multiple versions of the JDE, as well as the Eclipse eJDE plug-in.

I hope that this workaround was successful in allowing you to sign through each of your JDEs. If you have any additional questions or related issues, I would be happy to address them. Good luck in your future BlackBerry application development and have a great day Richard!


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