JAD properties specific to RIM.

In addition to the normal J2ME properties that go into a JAD file (.jad), RIM has a set of properties that are specific to the RIM platform that go there too.  Here they are:


Properties of BlackBerry device application .jad files

The BlackBerry® Integrated Development Environment lets you create a dual-purpose .jad file to support the downloading of MIDlets onto BlackBerry devices and other wireless devices. To do this, create a .jad file that contains both the RIM-COD-URL and RIM-COD-Size attributes and the MIDlet-Jar-URL and MIDlet-Jar-Size attributes. On BlackBerry devices, download the .cod files; on other wireless devices, download the .jar files.
Required RIM attribute Description
RIM-COD-Creation-Time creation time of the .cod file
RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies list of modules that the .cod file requires
RIM-COD-Module-Name name of the module that the .cod file contains
RIM-COD-SHA1 SHA1 hash of the .cod file
RIM-COD-Size size (in bytes) of the .cod file
RIM-COD-URL URL from which the .cod file can be loaded
Optional RIM attribute Description
RIM-Library-Flags reserved for use by Research In Motion
RIM-MIDlet-Flags reserved for use by RIM
RIM-MIDlet-NameResourceBundle name of the resource bundle on which the BlackBerry device application depends
RIM-MIDlet-Position suggested position of the BlackBerry device application icon on the Home screen might not be the actual position of the icon on the Home screen

source: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/deliverables/7693/Attributes_for_jad_files_513047_11.jsp


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