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Running Hudson on My Book Live

The Western Digital My Book Live is a product that is optimized to do one thing: serve files.  And for that, I love it.  What it does, it does fairly well.  The setup is super easy too.  The best $150 I’ve spent on computer hardware in a long time.

When I realized the device was actually a simplified Linux server, I had to see if Hudson would run on My Book Live.  If Hudson ran well, I reasoned, I’d be able to use it as my build machine.  If not, then that’s O.K. too.  At least I found out.

So, I installed Hudson using apt-get, just like you would on a regular Linux server.

I even got the web page to come up:

Although My Book Live will run Hudson, the scaled down Linux server is best at serving up files.  Not much else.

Although My Book Live will run Hudson, the scaled down Linux server should be relegated to what it does best: serve up files.

That’s pretty cool.  The app ran, not surprisingly, very slow.  Apparently, running Hudson or any other Linux application not  installed on My Book Live at the factory runs the risk of interrupting your backup experience.  After all, the device is built just right for serving up files and its simple web interface. And for that Western Digital gets 10 awesomeness points.

And at that – it does it’s task very well.

Now if only Western Digital made a beefier machine – even if they just added 16GB of memory to the drive.  That would open up all kinds of possibilities for the My Book product line.


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