Coast Salish

The Wired World, Old School Style

Some Coast Salish styled art. (source: Sacred Breath)

Some Coast Salish styled art. (source: Sacred Breath)

I just found the June 2013 copy of Wired Magazine in my mailbox.  It has an interesting quote on the cover from the Gedankenexperiment-esque themed article, Welcome to the Programmable World

When the objects around us can talk to one another, the elements of our physical universe will converge and spring to life.  In time, this network will grow to fulfill our needs, understand our desires and enable our dreams.

Wired is talking about sensor networks.  Replace the idea of sensor networks though with the basic biology of a healthy forest you might live in and re-read it.  It will sound more like one of the stories that my good friend Paul Wagner tells.  Paul’s stories date back several thousand years though.  So he’s got a jump on Wired.

How ironic.

The article suggests that if we wire up our environment with the right number of sensors, we can be suddenly “tapped into” everything around us in a way that lets us live comfortably.

Paul’s stories and music have done the same thing, really, but for a much more important purpose.  Just two generations ago being integrated into the environment meant the difference between living comfortably and dying of starvation.

The messages received by people during that time were just as real as sensor data you can read from a computer network.  They are archived in songs, traditions, and living stories that have been handed down for more than 15,000 years.

So, where do we find them? Easy – just check out Paul’s website.

Paul travels the world sharing his stories and music.  You can read about his next concert here

If you go and listen attentively you might have some useful perspective when consuming Wired Magazine’s article on “the wired world”.


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