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Kayak Point Official 1.0 Release


image source: Amanda

Persistence.  Making data persistant in your mobile applications without writing a custom SQLite query engine has been a goal of mine for a while.  I finally got around to writing a library that will take care of that work for you:

Kayak Point

This is an ORM Library for Android written from scratch. This library has the following goals:

  • be built for Android primarily
  • be fast and lightweight
  • support SQLite at first, and other data stores in the future.
  • stick to a simple architecture and design
  • use as little code as possible.
  • experiment with different approaches to persistence on Android.

I was originally using ORMLite, and I quickly realized that library is built to support multiple platforms, Android being one of them.  That means the library is big.

So I decided to take a stab at writing an ORM library for Android that is more optimized for persisting Java objects to SQLite on that OS.  But I also wanted to create a library that would let me add on additional kinds of data storage later (e.g. noSQL).  The end result is Kayak Point.


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