Know what Oso Needs? BEER!

The mudslide disaster in Oso, WA is tragic.  Upstanding citizens have responded by giving what they can and now it looks like the effort has more shovels, pick-axes, food and fuel than people know what to do with.  Snohomish county has also been slow in the uptake on asking for help, according to The Seattle Times.

So, what are we told will help? Cash, according to mynorthwest.com.


Jesus. Patron saint of beer. Source: FreeWilliamsburg.com

The people who have perished in that tragedy have already passed on.  What’s left is supporting those who are trying to help save anyone miraculously alive still alive.  So, I have a great idea.

Send BEER!

Those hard working people deserve it. Take it from me, a guy who grew up in the outback of Washington’s Olympic Penninsula.  Beer is worth a lot.


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