Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity May Have Gone Too Far

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.13.53 PMWhat would happen if you had someone send a message to a person that implied they were going to die? Well, that’s exactly what you can do, because Cards Agains Humanity’s 10 Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever will send, on your behalf, a card with another person’s name on it that implies that person is going to die in 2015.  If you’re thinking of doing that, at least you’ll be aware of what you’re in for after reading this blog.  You may want to think twice.

Depending on who you are and who the recipient is, completing the sentence in the image to the right could be funny:

… a mass murderer who is scheduled to die in 2015 and really deserves it.

Or endearing:

… a dear friend who is terminally ill and about to commit assisted suicide to end a lifetime of pain, and this card tells them you’ll remember them for ever.

Or sad:

… your spouse who just got done fighting ebola.

Or it could be construed as a death threat? Try asking CAH to send 10 Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever on your behalf to these people and you might get a knock on the door from the local sheriff:

  • an ex-wife who is threatening to kidnap the children from you for the holidays.
  • the boss you hate, who you openly declare is the one person who (metaphorically) “should eat shit and die today”.
  • your fun loving grandma, who gets a kick out of CAH, because morose humor about life took her mind off of assisted suicide.
  • the President of the United States, or some other official.

This is a departure for CAH, because that i know of CAH only refers to dates of death as a historical fact, not in a predictive sense.    The problem is, despite the fact that CAH doesn’t disclose they’re going to use this particular text, once that gift with predicted year of death arrives you can’t take it back.  You may have not intended any threat, but convincing someone else of that may be a huge problem … simply because this kind of message is not historical, it’s PREDICTIVE.

So, CAH, I’m surprised that after all the laughs I’m having this reaction.  But there it is.


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