Mobile Stock Watchlist, March 2015


A stock broker exercising his MOM options.  source:

I’ve decided to start a watch list for companies that are using mobile technology to generate revenue.  This is not investment advice so don’t be a wiseass and blame me if you loose money on these stocks.  This list is just here to give you a sense of how much revenue companies are making through mobile phones.

There’s only one stock on the list to start with.  I’ll add more later.


I extract the estimates for mobile app revenue from the company’s annual and quarterly reports.


Symbol: SBUX
Yearly Cash From Operations, 2014: $607 million
Yearly Cash From Mobile Web Apps: unknown/not counted
Yearly Cash From Native Mobile Apps: 14% of sales, estimated, $84 million
First mobile app release date: January 11, 2011
Stock price on release date: $32.26
Stock price 3/15/2015: $98.55


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