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Pre-Release Announcement: Pend Oreille

I’m happy at long last to announce the pre-release version of a new Android library I wrote: The release candidate is on the branch called “release-candidate“. Being a release candidate means the code is far enough along to give it a preliminary try, but not yet ready to be used in production applications. It … Continue reading


Gradle Schmadel

The new Android IDE is moving to Gradle as it’s build system. I’ve been using and designing build systems for 20+ years.  If you can name a build system I’ve probably used it.  If not, most likely some derivation of it. Here’s the thing about build systems: at the end of the day, you’re running … Continue reading


Reading Properties Files in Android

This yet-to-be-self-identified blogger from Sweeden knows a thing or two about reading files from Android: Reading Properties Files on Android (Investigation for microlog4android) For reference, I’m reproducing a snippet of code he posted.  This will read from the /assets directory: Resources resources = this.getResources(); AssetManager assetManager = resources.getAssets(); // Read from the /assets directory try … Continue reading

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Facebook Patch for Dalvik

If you can solve a problem by re-engineering your app or modifying Android, why would you modify Android?  That’s the burning question at the heart of this blog entry. Engineering mobile applications is embedded engineering.  It’s the art of using less code to accomplish something rather than more code.  And in this case, it’s also … Continue reading