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Computerworld: Salesforce Among Top 10 IT Employeers In 2011

On Monday, July 18, 2011, Computerworld announced a ranking of the top IT companies to work for.  Salesforce was among the top ten … for the second year in a row: Here’s a link to the original article: Here’s the top 10: Overall Rank Best Place to Work 1 USAA 2 Securian Financial … Continue reading


Nokia’s Precipice

February 10, 2011 Nokia stands in a tenuous spot.  One thing the company does well: make cheap cell phones for the masses.  That should never be underestimated.  It’s a very important part of the cell phone market.  The value of cheap, programmable cellular devices should never be underestimated.  Current smartphones have lots of overpriced, “value … Continue reading

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Philanthropy! A few ideas …

Today’s news coverage by NPR of the cadre of billionaires making a pledge to be forever philanthropic makes us all feel good.  Fortune Magazine also blogged about it. It’s fun to see such successful people serve as archetypes for the good.  Spending their resources planning world salvation.  The contrast with Hollywood folklore, especially (ahem) Star … Continue reading