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Android apps running on RIM’s Playbook?

The RIM press release says it all … that developers will be able to repackage and resign existing Android apps to run on PlayBook. Yeah … That’s what the developer community needs … more undocumented RIM SDKs to add to the existing, poorly documented and cumbersome family of RIM development SDKs! The cost of writing … Continue reading

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Will the Blackberry Tablet (and tools) Impress?

I am excited to see new innovation come out of Research in Motion with the announcement of their tablet. And, I hope it works well. What I can’t help wonder about though is the quality of the underlying development tools that will be shipped with that product. Is it JDK 6.0? One might assume, but … Continue reading

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Executing HTTP PUT requests on RIM. Danger or panacea?

The use of HttpConnection.setRequestMethod(“PUT”) is not officially supported on the RIM platform, but I’m finding it is working, much to my surprise. So, the question remains: What’s the dangers and caveats of using HttpConnection.setRequestMethod(“PUT”) I’ve submitted a query to RIM technical support.  We’ll see what they say. Advertisements Continue reading


Sharing Blackberry signing keys across JDE versions.

You have multiple versions of JDEs installed.  You need to sign applciations from all of them.  What the tech docs don’t make clear is this: When you register your developer keys, the version of SigningTool (SignatureTool.jar) that is used is the latest version. This means that… You can’t just copy your key files to the … Continue reading

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Today’s Update: 22 SEP 2008

Added new web page for the Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE).  More …. Advertisements Continue reading

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A New Page for Newbies

Starting out on the path of J2ME development can be hard.  You have to get a computer, get a phone, install software from at least two different companies, and then hope that you get all the information in one spot.  On top of that there’s the J2ME tutorials/training, reference information from the phone manufacturer, etc … Continue reading

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Today’s Update: 3 SEP 2008

Added new page to cover Blackberry phones.  more … Added tip to change the Blackberry JDE signtool password on your PC.  more … Advertisements Continue reading