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Facebook Patch for Dalvik

If you can solve a problem by re-engineering your app or modifying Android, why would you modify Android?  That’s the burning question at the heart of this blog entry. Engineering mobile applications is embedded engineering.  It’s the art of using less code to accomplish something rather than more code.  And in this case, it’s also … Continue reading

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You Are Wary With Native Troll (or not)

It seems that some HTML5 people have developed a serious case of “Mobile Envy.”  Some medieval looking evangelists from have even recently circled Moscone with signs: Sasha Aickin, the Search Team Lead at has pictures of these creative cats in her presentation on the Redfin corporate blog: “HTML 5 vs. Native”. Web developers … Continue reading

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Android apps running on RIM’s Playbook?

The RIM press release says it all … that developers will be able to repackage and resign existing Android apps to run on PlayBook. Yeah … That’s what the developer community needs … more undocumented RIM SDKs to add to the existing, poorly documented and cumbersome family of RIM development SDKs! The cost of writing … Continue reading