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Time Machine + My Book Live = COLD molasses

In my previous post I talk about how slow My Book Live is when backing up with Time Machine on Mac OSx.  I started my latest backup at about 11 PM, March 10. It’s taken Time Machine about 46 hours to backup about 225 GB of data to My Book Live. That’s so slow I … Continue reading

My Book Live / Time Machine

Time Machine + My Book Live = molasses

In today’s posting, I present some simple performance data for My Book Live when used to backup Mac OSX using Time Machine.  Spoiler alert: your initial backup might take a day or three – and that’s no exaggeration. But if you have the patience to wait, I’ve found so far that it’s a good substitute … Continue reading

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Running Hudson on My Book Live

The Western Digital My Book Live is a product that is optimized to do one thing: serve files.  And for that, I love it.  What it does, it does fairly well.  The setup is super easy too.  The best $150 I’ve spent on computer hardware in a long time. When I realized the device was … Continue reading

Linux / My Book Live / Western Digital

My Book Live : the $150 Linux Server ??

So, I perused the Western Digital community forum for information about my new My Book Live device that I just installed, and I noticed that some people were talking about enabling SSH logins: Steps to enable SSH So, naturally I got curious. Could I enable that, log in and look around.  I suspected Linux was … Continue reading

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Migrating Mac OSX Time Machine Backups to My Book Live

I have been looking for a simple, cost effective, network backup solution.  I have OSx 10.8.2 Mountain Lion.  All the solutions available are way over priced, considering the cost of hard drives these days. I had given up, until today, when I was at Best Buy.  I was just going to get a USB cradle … Continue reading