Android Development on the Samsung Moment

The Samsung Moment has been out for a while now, and I’m just now getting around to making sure my Android application run properly on that device.  I’ve been getting reports of people not being able to run applications on the Moment that run just fine on other Android devices.

This page speaks to installing the USB drivers and getting the device to talk to the computer for the purposes of development.

Go Figure

My Windows Vista computer couldn’t locate the Android USB drivers, and after about two hours of searching for the USB drivers on the Internet, I finally opened a support ticket on Samsung’s support website and got some tech support going.

I was pleasantly surprised. The gal that answered the phone initially said there weren’t drivers for the Samsung Moment.  That would be true if I were a normal user.  Windows does find recognizing the device as a mass storage device.

But, I explained that I was a developer and knew there had to be drivers somewhere.  So, I insisted that as a developer there were drivers that I needed.  She asked to put me on hold and contacted the development group directly.  Came back on the phone a couple minutes later and said she would be sending me a link to the Samsung drivers.  So, here they are:

Samsung Moment USB Drivers for Developers

So, there you go.

As a surprise,  I also discovered that the driver package includes support for a USB Modem.  That means, potentially, that I can tether my phone to my computer and use it as a modem to connect to the internet.

Nice.  Very nice.

For the Love of Android …

That just became a set of swear words.  Because Samsung Moment, a CDMA device runs the Android 1.5 platform, I immediately see problems with applications …. specifically, an Android 1.5 application compiled correctly cannot get CDMA information.

The jury is still out on whether or not the Android developer community is going to be frustrated with this or not…

I suspect so.

I know I’m hacked.


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