For Newbies


It used to be that when you wanted to “get into” a new type of programming, you had all the information you needed in one place to get started.  All the hardware was there (your desktop computer), a good instruction/technical manual, and some tutorials that took you from the very first step of starting up the computer to writing your first program.

With the advent of J2ME, this tradition has changed.  You have to get a computer, get a phone, install software from at least two different companies, and then hope that you get all the information in one spot.  On top of that there’s the J2ME tutorials/training, reference information from the phone manufacturer, etc…

The end result can be a feeling of mental retardation.  All you want to do is build your first working “Hello World” program on your new phone.  But there’s all these disconnected pieces you have to figure out how to put together.  They make sense in concept and theory, but you don’t seem to be able to fit them together into a working product.

Figuring out all this is a process that can take DAYS if you don’t have a good road map.  Some may even give up and claim that a secret conspiracy has been created to keep the “average person” from breaking into J2ME development.

So, this page is dedicated to you, wayward traveller into J2ME land.

More coming soon …


2 thoughts on “For Newbies

  1. This is soooo true, I have been programming since 1992 in 13 different syntax’s and have noticed when I have been trying to get into J2me , its seems hopeless at first,.

    So I thank you my internet blogging friend for helping the J2ME newbies like us.

    I look forward to the next post/s


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