I Touched a Motorola Droid Today …

Yes.  Just a couple days off the shelf and I finally got to hold a Droid.  Nice phone that feels heavy and solid in your hand.  I haven’t even had a chance to read the release notes, but in the coming weeks I’ll be porting an application that I’ve written for the G1.  I’ll let … Continue reading

Blackberry / J2ME

Today’s Update: 3 SEP 2008

Added new page to cover Blackberry phones.  more … Added tip to change the Blackberry JDE signtool password on your PC.  more … Continue reading

J2ME / Sony / Updates

Today’s Update: 2 SEP 2008

Added new error data to Device Explorer Page:OAFcode=44 EXEcode=18. more… Added tips on how to deal with a stalled Proxy Connection (warning: smartassery involved). more… Advertisements Continue reading